Real Parts from Solid Models with ONGAA CAM for SOLIDWORKS

It is not often that a customer is so pleased with a product that they take extra time to say thank you.

In this case the thank you came as ‘The First Part’  the customer produced with ONGAA CAM.

The part was drawn in SOLIDWORKS 2011 and used ONGAA CAM V1.140 for the HOMAG series CNC machines.





Once processing was applied, ONGAA CAM produced the MPR file  (compatible with WoodWOP 5 and 6) used to NC Gen the final instructions.

“The only issues we ran into was getting the part drawn accurately.  The beauty was as we corrected the drawing, all our processing moved with it.  ‘No recalculations required!’.

This view of WoodWOP provides a glimpse into how it could have been created manually with each calculation done by hand. (and drawing changes need to be recalculated)


The part required machining on all 6 sides.  With the ONGAA CAM ‘Flip’ feature, a single MPR can be generated which instructs the operator when to release and rotate a part.   Imagine drilling a through hole, deeper than your longest drill bit.  With ONGAA CAM processing can be added to drill from both sides ‘Accurately’ every time no matter how often a part is moved.