ONGAA CAM takes the heat off the spray booth! (really?)

In a recent visit with a new user of ONGAA CAM, I was taken on a tour of the shop to see the improvements since my last visit 2 months earlier.  Because of how we entered the shop, we started at the end of the production line where the stacks of finished product were (and there was quite a bit ready for shipping).  Next along the line was the spray booth.  While looking through the window, I was told that ONGAA CAM has taken the pressure away from even this station.

How is that?  This paint is about as far away from the toolpaths as you can get.

The response was as straight forward as it gets.

“We have stopped wasting time and effort at the beginning so we can get on with the job of producing product.  The old way meant we used up valuable time and the guys at the end of the process had no time left – except to be in a big hurry.  We can produce more, with better quality and without rushing any steps.  We couldn’t be happier.”

When its put that way, it makes a lot of sense.  And this was in just 2 months.

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