Arbortronics New Website Launched

arbotronics_screen_shotArbortronics Control Systems Inc., an authorized service centre for several complete lines of coin operated, electronically automated control and data acquisition systems, based in Toronto recently had ONG Solutions revamp and upgrade their web site.

With training, they are now able to manage their own site without the need to pay for each and every update.

Aerosoft Systems Inc. Launches new Website



Aerosoft Systems Inc., a provider of innovative aircraft maintenance software, selected ONG Solutions to redesign and migrate their current corporate website to a modern CMS while retaining the integration points to their customer support portal.

In addition to the new look and feel, many additional features were added to simplify the management of the site and their SEO position.

The project was delivered and launched ahead of the original schedule.

KMV Partnerships – Website Launch



KMV Partnerships and its unique approach to owning and operating a business is what set it apart from everyone else. The high level demands for buying and selling a business requires a certain expertise that KMV and its highly experienced staff has developed over the years to make the transition from buyer to owner a professional experience.

KMV Selected ONG Solutions to provide all its internet connectivity requirements and website development. – New website launched

Windowcraft is a private Canadian company manufacturing and distributing quality custom windows and doors for architects, builders and renovators.

Windowcraft recognized the need to refresh their website and to ‘bring it closer to home’.  By this they meant that they would like to be able to add information themselves in the form of ‘Posts’ to serve their customers better.

ONG Solutions was engaged to update the site and provide them with the requested capabilities.

“If you are in the market for high quality windows and doors, please visit  I am a satisfied Windowcraft customer, Chris Reil, Solution Architect, ONG Solutions”. – Website Launched

Members of Team Crocker have won a combined 17 Provincial and 8 National Curling Championships and are currently ranked 19th on the Canadian Team Ranking System. In 2012, they represented Canada at the Karuizawa International Curling Championship in Japan where they won Gold for their country.

In the coming season, the team will be based out of Edmonton, Alberta and will train at the Saville Community Sports Centre, home of the Canadian Curling Association’s National Training Centre. They will be participating in a number of high profile events on the World Curling Tour ( These competitions will provide a wide range of sponsor exposure opportunities through television, web casts, print and on-site attendance.

You can follow and support the team by visiting

Distinct Directions Launches New Web Site


DistinctDirections.Com, a recruitment firm, specializes exclusively in dealing with software vendors who sell to Communications Services Providers.  This includes OSS/BSS vendors, optimization vendors, content vendors, vendors who sell to RBOCs, CLECs, MSOs, Wireless Operators, MVNOs and more.

When Distinct Directions needed to rework their website they contact ONG Solutions for advice and later asked that ONG Solutions take on the project.  They sited that the original framework was too hard to make changes in and they wanted to be more pro-active in the management of the site themselves. They also added , “You already know what I need and what I want.  I don’t want to try to explain it to someone who doesn’t”.

By taking existing software and combining it with feature components, also readily available, the new site was launched in a week.

ABYC – New Website Launches

The ABYC Communications team has been working for the past year to put a new face on our website. We’re happy to announce that the date for the changeover to the new design is expected to be April 15. The address of the site will remain the same, and ABYC members should be able to sign in to the Members Only section of the website with the same login name and password that they have been used to using. But the look and organization of the site will be new and, we hope, exciting for everyone.

We have explicitly designed the site not only to offer easy access to important information for members, but also to attract and appeal to potential new members. Therefore, we will have a top level of colourful graphics and text that will be directed primarily to those unfamiliar with ABYC. Below this there will be a menu bar that will allow ABYC members to go quickly to the page they want to find. Virtually all of the content of the current site will be imported into the new site without much alteration. At the same time, we have a fair amount of new content that will showcase the wonderful features of our club.

When the new site is launched on April 15, there will still be some things that need work. Some of the images you’ll see on the 15th. are placeholders until we’re able to get a photographer to take more appropriate shots – for example, we will need new images of the docks with the boats in the water and of our new, redesigned north entrance when that is completed. We hope soon to have an entirely new collection of images to complement the design. As well, much content remains to be added. We obviously hope to complete the process as soon as possible.

The Communications Committee deeply appreciates the hard work of the many people involved in the project, especially Chris Reil, who designed and implemented the new site on contract through his company, ONG Solutions. Lauren Stephens volunteered many hours of design expertise, which has added importantly to the visual appeal of the site. Krista Slack, Kate Driscoll, Carolyn Weckesser, and Keith Robson provided helpful design and content advice along the way, and Cheryl Wright and Cindy Sampson oversaw the long process with wisdom and good cheer as successive VCs Member Services. Thanks also to those members – particularly Jeff Levine and Scott Elliott – who have offered support as the project has progressed.


The above quote was a recent email news release regarding the launch of a new website design.  Included in the project was the porting of all existing content and the migration of custom applications without which the site would not function.

Oh No, My Website has been hacked !!! Now what do I do ?

I’ve been hacked!  What do I do about it?  (Or what should I have done before it happened ?)

This was the very question we were asked recently after a national TV news station called a company to tell them their site was now selling cheap generic drugs instead of what it was designed to do.

There are some very simple steps to ease the pain, frustration and anger.

  1. Make backups or your website.  No I mean make your own backups !  Don’t rely on your internet provider, they work towards recovering from failed equipment not anything do with your content.  Also remember to keep the backups for longer than you might ever think you would need (I’ll get to that later)
  2. Check your site regularly.  Use a browser to look at your own content.
  3. Check your site on Google, Yahoo and Bing.
These steps may sound overly paranoid to sound and just overly obvious to others but here are the reasons for the steps and this post.
In late October, after a very embarrassing phone call the company now knew something was very wrong but was also very confused.  They themselves updated the web content on an almost daily basis and looked at the site even more often.  How could they have missed this?
This hack was different from the graffiti that is the most common.  This one only affected visitors that came from Google or Yahoo.  Direct visitors (type in URL directly) or bookmarked visitors saw what they were supposed to.  If you googled and followed the link you were now at a ‘Cheap Drugs’ website.  The side effect was also that google now listed cheap drugs under their name. Not good.
By now, steps 2 and 3 should now be obvious.  What some hackers want is your traffic and your good name with it in Google.  Since most companies eventually bookmark their own site, they can hide the fact that this is happening for a long time. At least long enough for search engines to index your ‘hacked content’.
Keeping many, many revisions of backups became painfully clear when it was discovered that the site had been hacked months ago but the ‘hack’ was dormant for at least a month.  When the first backups were restored, nothing changed!! Still hacked!!  (The hack was backed up too)
It eventually took several days of searching and restoring  parts of the site to remove it for good.
Most ISPs offer tools for customizing backups (database and files) for free.  Using these tools at regular intervals will make managing a website easier.